city awakening church logoCity Awakening is a new church plant in East Orlando, co-sponsored by Riverside Baptist Church of Orlando and The Summit Church of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Church planter and pastor, Louis Tamburro recently shared a ministry update with the GOBA staff. Here is a summary:

Where We've Been

We started City Awakening 2 years ago with 27 people, we've now grown to roughly 100 with 30 kids in children's ministry. 

We baptized 15 people who are now walking the streets of Orlando in the name of Jesus.

We sent 23 people on local and global mission trips, including to 5 different countries, and 2 in the 10/40 window. 

We had 8 people go on mission trips for the 1st time. 

One team even lead an African Chief in Cameroon to Christ and connected him with a local church in the area.  

We had over 20 people help serve numerous UCF students last month by feeding them and helping them to move into their apartments at The Verge student housing complex. The Verge management and staff asked if our church can be a presence at their complex and their sister campus throughout the year as a result of us serving there. 

We helped provided 110 pairs of underwear and put 150 pairs of socks on the feet of homeless runaway teens in our city who are trying to reunite with their families. 

We provided a charter 1 school around the corner from us with multiple food and school supplies, which has allowed us to build relationships with them and has opened up the door for future serving opportunities with them which we are in the process of discussing now. 

We had over 40 people take our City Life class, become members of our church, and commit to living out our mission to reach people, and reach the world starting with the people in our city.  

We’ve also been committed to being a church that plants churches by helping to partner with Pastor Cam Triggs to start Grace Alive Baptist Church in West Orlando. We helped support and continue to support them financially, we’ve sent people to train them in areas they wanted help with, and they successfully started Grace Alive, recently celebrated their 1 year birthday as a church, and last year they baptized 8 people, which means our partnership together has led to a combined total of 23 people who are now walking the streets of Orlando that’ve been baptized in the name of Jesus.

Where We're Heading

Keep living missionally in our city through our code of "loving the few so we can love the many," meaning teaching our people to love a few people in our city so well that they can't ignore the love of Jesus for their lives. Also continuing to teach our people how to do what I'm doing above, meaning living missionally on the football field, MMA gym, etc. but in their own setting. 

Capitalize on the opportunity The Verge has given us to live missionally with their staff and UCF students in their housing complex. 

Strategically capitalizing on calendar bumps throughout the year by having community events and calendar bump sermon series during calendar bump times. 

Continuing sending people on local and global missions, with a global focus on a 10/40 window Muslim people group in Ethiopia. We are working with a team from IMB over there.

Continue supporting church planting by supporting other church plants with people and resources. 

Considering that we are the 9th most unchurched city, 6th most de-churched city in America out of 19,000 plus cities, I think we're off to a great start. We are at 70% self-sufficiency and are looking for some financial partners to help us make up the 30% so we can keep building on the momentum that's started.

How to Help

We are looking for churches to partner with us for the next two years as we move toward self-sustainability. We are accepting donations on our website at

For More Information

Feel free to email me at or Download a copy of our Prospects. Also, here is a link to the summit network video we did before we launched that shares a little info about me and our city: