A Step-By-Step Guide to Church Planting From Start to Finish

The launch of a great vision always commences with a single step. Where to take that step is often an uncertainty in most church planter’s minds. EVOLVE helps to answer the “Where do we move forward from here?” question. EVOLVE brings over fifty years of church planting experience, both nationally and locally, to bear on this one resource. EVOLVE: A Step-By-Step Guide to Church Planting From Start to Finish now offers a step-by-step guide to successfully launching your new church plant.

Step-By-Step Guides for the First Three Years of Launch
Envision as a church planter you having a blueprint to launching your church plant. EVOLVE helps take the guessing out of where to go from here. From the inception of your plant vision, all the way through launch, and then the next two years after you have successfully began weekly ministry and outreach. Evolve will be your guide to make the church plants launch a success.

EVOLVE Covers All Aspects
These comprehensive step-by-step guides remove the guesswork when planting a church. From the original budget plan and spiritual DNA of the plant, all the way to the creative and legal aspects. EVOLVE acts as a blueprint for moving forward from having a dream to plant a church to successfully launching a strong vibrant work.

EVOLVE Church Planting Team Development
It takes more than one individual to plant a church today. It takes a team of individuals committed to seeing the Lord bless their efforts to raise up a new church. With EVOLVE you will have a blueprint to developing a strong leadership team that is ready to work alongside of you to launch your vision of a new church.

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